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Terms of Service


These are the terms that govern Fizuro's freight and pre order service; FizFreight. These Terms of Service apply to all users of the service. Throughout the document, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to FIZURO INC. By signing up and actively utilizing this service, you agree to the terms and conditions associated with this service. Please read the terms of service carefully before utilizing this service.

There is currently one flight per week on Wednesdays. Internal processing is done on Thursday and your cargo will be available on Friday. You will be sent your invoice via WhatsApp along with availability details (delivery is available). For your cargo to make this flight, it needs to be delivered to our warehouse by Tuesday 10am.


Once invoice has been issued and user notified by means of WhatsApp, email, SMS text or phone call, that cargo is available for uplifting, users have one (1) week to pay for, and uplift cargo. If cargo is not uplifted and paid for by this time, for every week after the invoice date, a storage fee of $500 GYD will be added for every piece of package held in our facility. If cargo is not uplifted before one (1) month, FIZURO INC reserves the right to seize, return to sender, dispose of or sell the contents of the cargo based on our discretion.


This service is defined as FIZURO INC making a purchase on an international website on the users' behalf. Therefore:

  • The user must make a downpayment totaling at least half of the invoice total before request is added to FIZURO INC's order queue.

  • FIZURO INC makes online orders collectively and periodically. Orders are scheduled for every two (2) weeks on Fridays or Mondays. Requests submitted between scheduled order dates will be added to order queue and be submitted on the next scheduled order date.

  • Users are subjected to service charge.

  • Shipping rates are calculated differently from mailbox service.

  • The exchange rate is set to 220 GYD to 1 USD.

  • A user is limited to 10 items per quote.

  • A user is limited to $100,000 GYD in value per quote.

  • Storage fee applies to pre-Order items. Customers have one week after the notification of ready for pickup to uplift pre-order. After this time, $500 GYD will be applied for every week unclaimed. 

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