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Payment Methods

Payment is made easy as we accept all major payment methods. Payment is also secure as we take extra steps along with our partners to make sure your data is secured. To read more about this security, click here.


Any credit or debit card from around the world that's a Visa card or Mastercard can be used on our website to make a purchase. We do also accept American Express, Discover and Maestro. Not all bank or debit/credit cards in Guyana have Visa or Mastercard. Do note that for Republic bank customers, you'll need to make contact with Republic bank customer support to unlock your card before placing an order. The number to call is 227-4725. Below are the banks that do provide Visa/Mastercards in Guyana;


We have upgraded our system to facilitate cash on delivery transactions. Simply select the cash on delivery option at checkout and you will pay when your order is delivered. You also have the option to pick up your order at our office and pay at that time. These options are all available at checkout.

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