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Care Act

At Fizuro, we want to provide amazing items that serves two purposes; satisfies your daily requirements/items you use regularly and making the hard-to-find items easily accessible- with just a click of a button. But there’s a lot more that we want to do. We want to provide an experience that makes sense to use and more convenient than having to go through the hassle of physically purchasing an item. To achieve this experience, we have created the Care Act. A set of inhouse protocols that makes your experience effortless and brings the value that citizens of more developed countries enjoy. This act looks at before during and after you place an order with us; fraud prevention, quality assurance and customer support. When creating this service, we didn’t want it to just do part of the job, but rather create an experience that makes sense to use and adds value as opposed to the norm.


Fraud Prevention

At Fizuro, your security is paramount. With this focus, we take extra steps to ensure that you can shop with an ease of mind, knowing that your data is always secure. We take a dual approach to online security; data security and fraud prevention. Our checkout page is SSL secured so hackers can't steal your data. Also, we've partnered up with two giants in the payment processing world; Stripe and PayPal. These companies are industry leading for their advanced levels of data security and fraud prevention processes. Our payment processing partners have been in the industry for years and have a robust security infrastructure with PCI compliance to ensure your card details are never at risk. The payment processor essentially is the entity that communicates with the consumer's bank and the merchant's bank. (your banks and ours). The other bit is fraud prevention (not to be confused with the title of this section). Fraud prevention looks at mitigating any suspicious purchases on our site. So even if you were to misplace your card or someone steals it, they will not be able to complete a transaction with Fizuro. We have been working slowly with the local banks to add another layer of seamlessness to the process. With both local and foreign processes in place, you can rest assure that your experience with us will always be a secured one.


Quality Assurance

We want to make the process as hassle free and one that makes sense to use. Ensuring that the item you order is what’s delivered is a focus within our order fulfillment process. We have quality checks that verifies your order details in contrast to the item being prepared for delivery, and also that the quality meets our established standards. Every item is check for defects in every regard (relative to the item) by a quality specialist before entering our delivery area. If it passes, it is stamped approved, if not, it goes into our defect pile. A lot of the items listed on our site are produced by vendors. Before that item goes out for delivery, it is checked by our team at our facility, as we handle all deliveries. This ensures that no matter what, before the item gets to you, it is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure you get the best.

Customer Support


We are always here to help, before, during and after you place an order. We recognized that knowing you can always reach out, gives you confidence in shopping, so it’s important to us to be there for you. You are able to call, WhatsApp or email us to enquire as needed. Whether it is on information about an item, help needed with placing an order or perhaps an order didn’t go as planned, our team is always happy to help. In the case of an order not going as planned, click here to check out our return policy but you can always call or email for us to make it right. Our voice customer support lines are opened from 10am-5pm but you can WhatsApp or email us 24/7 and a specialist will get back to you as quick as possible. To contact our team, click here.   ​​

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