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The most affordable way to ship your packages to Guyana.


It's finally here!


Here is your chance to be rewarded for sharing the word about Fizfreight. Refer a friend and earn discounts on your shipment! Click below to read the guidelines of the promotion.

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Need to order from overseas website like Amazon, Shien, Ebay etc.? sign up below and get your free mailbox account. It's the easiest way to ship to Guyana.

If you need us to order for you, no need to sign up. Just whatsApp us the link and get a quote.

We only charge consolidated rates. This means, you pay one flat rate per pound, a package fee and that it! We also get the tax you pay on amazon refunded. Sign up and start shipping. View shipping rates to get started.


One weekly flight

We offer one weekly flight - on Thursdays. Cargo on Thursday's flight is available for pickup or delivery on Saturday. Look out for your invoice for pickup and delivery times.

Register and get your free mailbox! Ship as early as today!
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