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About Fizuro

Who we are and what we do.

Fizuro inc first started as Guyana's first ecommerce marketplace and have grown into and Ecommerce and Logistics company. Fizuro inc hosts a local ecommerce marketplace and a freight forwarding and local fulfilment (delivery) service. 

Our ecommerce marketplace provides the first world experience of online shopping to the local economy. In practice, this provides persons the ability to shop on our website using their Visa, Mastercard, American Express, MMG or COD (Cash on delivery) and have their order delivered to their door in a matter of hours. Our marketplace is also a platform for local businesses to list and sell their products while we handle all of the technical bits that goes into that kind of operation. Our operations cover payment processing and protection, quality assurance and customer support.


We provide import services at both consumer and commercial levels. We have created a simple and clean experience for customer to shop overseas or have friends and family send packages. We also provide procurement services 

How this came about.

Guyana has always been left behind when it comes to the online market. Our citizens are closely connected to more developed countries (whether by visiting or having family overseas), most people have experience the convenience of online shopping but never got to feel that same level of "luxury" at home in Guyana. Moreover, small businesses are not able to provide that service as it seems almost unattainable and reserved for larger companies. From a big picture standpoint, customers are becoming weary and demanding of this kind of service locally, and businesses are looking for ways to meet this demand but as a result of our economy, it was virtually impossible to achieve this locally. Our founder Dorwin Kingston has been searching and developing methods to accomplish this ever since the pandemic hit in 2020. He came across this service while trying to sell to the US market but recognized the need for a similar service locally. After completing some feasibility studies, Fizuro inc was born.

There are quite a few businesses that sell on Facebook and offer delivery to those customers. The reality is, in a world like Facebook, you do not have access to a lot of tools as a business owner and there is the growing sense of inauthenticity with the marketplace from a customer standpoint. For smaller businesses to grow, there are lots that are needed, from infrastructure to payroll to marketing to the growing demand of logistics, and as a result, you'll likely need to have a strong financial backing in order to make a notable company or it will remain a "side hustle" for a moment. Many people have great ideas and great products but not able to quite get it out there and the needs often time suffocate their businesses. For this reason Fizuro was created, to help creators and entrepreneurs focus on what they love the most and developing that idea, while our team handle help them get there by providing the necessary support.

Our Goals

Guyana has not yet experienced an industrial revolution, mainly because our population is not large enough for certain kinds of mass production. In the future, Fizuro looks to sell to all parts of Guyana but more ambitiously, to other countries. Fizuro seeks to be the equivalent of amazon to CARICOM, where businesses from one country can sell to customers in several countries without concerns about logistics. This will open businesses to millions of potential customer as last research shows that in all states, CARICOM has a population of over 230 million people. With that kind of exposure, it will now be justifiable for companies to start mass production of goods and Fizuro seeks to facilitate that. This kind of boom will see a surge of business owners and unprecedented job creation.

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