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Freight Christmas Promotion Details

Read this article to understand how the freight Christmas promotion works.

The promotion will be applied to packages in isolation for flights on the dates; December 14th and 21st. 

The promotion only applies to cargo being processed using our new system and warehouse with the lot number 10831. Cargo going to the address beginning with 10900 will not be considered. 

There will be a bag/box that will house a number of assorted discount cards. A contestant will need to reach into the bag/box and pull a random discount card. Whichever card is pulled, that discount value will be deducted from the invoice.


To qualify for the discount, customers will have to ship equal to and over 15 lbs. These customers will qualify for the 5%, 10% and 15% discount. Customers who ship equal to and above 25 lbs, a 100% discount card will be added to the bag/box.

The 100% discount caps off at a monetary value of $50,000 GYD. If a contestant's invoice is above 50,000 GYD, then a discount of up to $50,000 GYD will be applied to the invoice, the remaining will be a balance payable by the contestant. Invoices below $50,000 GYD in value will be reduced to $0 should a contestant pull the 100% discount card.

Fizuro reserves the right to take pictures of the activity and winners for the purpose of posting on its social media platforms. Not all contestants will be photographed, Fizuro will select based on our discretion. However, all 100% winners will be photographed and posted as a way to celebrate our customers.

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