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  • Is this local?
    Yes, Fizuro's operations in in Guyana and the items provided are by Guyanese buinesses. Some items are not sourced locally and thus have longer delivery timeframe but this will state in the description.
  • Why does Fizuro charge to top-up MMG?
    To process online transactions, there is a fee attached by our payment processor per transaction - charged to fizuro. The charges you see are essentially those fees. These fees are simply there to keep the platform active. These fees are charged for other purchases on the site but is not visible as it is incorporated into the cost of the items. Due to MMG being a dollar for dollar recharge, the fees stand out.
  • Do I need an account to place an order?
    Yes, you need to create an account in order to place an order. This helps to protect your information and creates a personalized shopping experience.
  • Can I cancel an order?
    You are not able to cancel an order on your own. To cancel an order, you will need to reach out to customer support within 1 hour of placing the order. This is because when an order is placed, the order fulfillment process begins immediately and in some cases, will be out for delivery within two hours.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    This depends on your location. Our faclity is located in Georgetown and as a result, customers within and around georgetown will likely receive their orders within 3-5 hours. Customer located in more remote locations can expect delivery anywhere between 1-2 business days. Some items take much longer because of the vendors that supply the items. This timeframe range between 1-2 weeks. Each item will state the delivery timeframe.
  • What are the payment methods you accept?
    We accept credit and debit card payments, cash on delivery, cash on pickup and payments through MMG. With MMG, you will need to reach out for the MMG number to make the deposit to.
  • Can I do Pickup?
    Yes! You are able to order and schedule a pickup for your items. When completing checkout, just select the pickup option instead of delivery. Pickups are usually scheduled between the hours of 11am to 2pm or 2 hours after you've placed your order, but a representative will call to let you know your pick up is ready, or you will receive an email stating so.
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