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How our
Refer-a-Friend promotion works

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The refer-a-friend is available for the Freight (mailbox) service only. It is designed to encourage you to share the good news of FizFreight with others so they may ship and enjoy low rates too and in doing so, you get discounts.




lb: pound

Qualifying lbs: Every pound over 3 lbs

Referee: The person who was referred

Account Number: Your mailbox number

Here are the parameters of the promotion:

  • The referee MUST use your account number upon signup in order to be considered. At sign up, select the "friend or family" at the question "how did you hear about us?". They'll then be able to enter your account number.

  • The discount works as follows:

    • For the first time, when the referee ships and clears cargo; for every qualifying lb on that shipment, you (the referrer) gain 0.20 lb off your next shipment weight.​

    • When the referee ships a second time and clears cargo; for every qualifying lb, you (the referrer) gain 0.25 lb off your next shipment weight.

    • When the referee ships a third time and clears cargo; for every qualifying lb, you (the referrer) gain 0.50 lb off your next shipment weight. The discount applies up to the third time the referee ships.

  • Discounts are only redeemable after the referee clears their shipment.

  • The referee needs to be the one to clear their shipment and will need to present a form of Photo ID. If this is not done, any potential discounts will be forfeited. ​

  • You are allowed to refer more than one person.

  • Discount does not apply to per package fee.

  • Discounts are valid up to December 31st 2023.


Here's an example of the refer-a-friend in practice;

John and Archibald are friends. John ships with FizFreight and learned about the refer-a-friend promotion then refers Archibald. Archibald, now the referee, uses his account and ships a package weighing 13 lbs. Of that shipment, 10 lbs are qualifying lbs and since this is Archibald's first shipment, John gets 0.20 lbs for every one of those 10 lbs. Therefore, John has 2 lbs worth of discounts. John ships a package that weighs 6 lbs. John can now apply his 2 lbs discount and only pay for 4 lbs. John could however, chose to not use his discount points and let them accumulate. Archibald ships a second time, with cargo totaling 9 lbs. John now gets 0.25 for every qualifying lbs (6 lbs). This means Jonh will gain 1.5 lbs worth of discount points. John can only earn discount points from one more of Archibald's shipments.

These guidelines are subject to periodical updates to assist in clarity. Be sure to check your emails or this page for those updates.

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