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Order Fulfilment

Getting your order to you quickly is very important to us as our overall goal is to bring the convenience of online shopping to Guyana. We don't just want it to arrive quickly, but also carefully and that is why we've placed a great deal of thought in our supply chain.

Delivery Timeframe

Our maximum delivery timeframe from the moment you place your order to when you receive it at your door is 2 days. Deliveries are processed on business days from Monday  to Saturday from 9am-5pm. Deliveries around Georgetown and its environs are completed within 3-6 hours. On the west side (Parfaite, Vreed-En-Hoop, Canal #2, Tuschen etc.), upper East Bank and upper East Coast are fulfilled within 1-2 days.


Delivery Boundaries

We want to make sure we can guarantee delivery outlined in the timeframe. Therefore, we have limited our deliveries to the below locations until further notice;



Georgetown to Mahaicony

Georgetown to Timehri

Georgetown to Linden

Georgetown to Canal #2

Georgetown to Parika 

Delivery Process

We work with many retailers to bring great products to your fingertips. When an order is placed for an item that is sold by one of our vendors, our team goes to uplift the item, it is taken to and processed at our warehouse, then goes out for delivery to you. These deliveries usually take a bit longer as they require additional processing. Items sold directly by Fizuro goes out for delivery immediately after ordered and in some cases can be delivered within 1 hour 30 mins of placing the order. We do ask though, that you allow the standard wait time.

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