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Fizuro Vendor Terms

This website is operated by FIZURO, INC.. Throughout the site, the terms “we”, “us” and “our” refer to FIZURO, INC.. By listing your products and selling on our website, you agree to our terms of selling. Breaking these terms can result in an end of service and the removal of your listings.

Please read these terms in their entirety before registering.


Section one - Online Store

Branded items without an Authorization or Resellers agreement will not be listed on this website, however, it will be promoted and listed for sale on Fizuro's other platforms and in Fizuro stores. Each item must have an established wholesale and retail price submitted to Fizuro and there should be no less than a 20% difference between the prices. The wholesale price is paid out to the vendor for the sale of an item in accordance with the payment schedule. Once an item(s) is submitted, the vendor understands that Fizuro will be listing the item(s) on all of its platforms as seem fit, namely;, Fizuro's Instagram and Facebook pages, other brand own marketplaces and in Fizuro's retail stores.

Therefore, we reserves the right to list or un-list an item on its platforms.

Section Two - Listing

The Vendor agrees to not submit items to be listed that are already listed on the website in an exact duplicate. Listings submitted that are duplicate of already existing listing will be rejected.


After approval, the vendor agrees to submit a file with the details of each item, that includes;

- item name

-Variant if applicable

-Item SKU (inventory code) if available.

-Item description

-Retail Price

-Item photo (Photo should be clean and of a standard that matches current listing on our website)

Section Three - Storage and fulfillment

For vendors who are selling as an individual or small business that does not - after review has an approved operating capacity, Fizuro will be housing and storing the listed items in its storage/facility for fulfillment. This is currently offered free of charged but is subject to change.

Section Four - Advertising

The Vendor is at liberty to use the Fizuro's branding for advertising but only to, and for the sole purpose of promote its listing on the Fizuro's platforms.

Section Five - Payment

Fizuro has established a transaction accumulative period of; from the 1st to the 14th midnight of a given month and from the 15th to the end (28th, 29th, 30th or 31st depending on the month) of a given month midnight. All transaction accumulated within each period will be processed and paid out 2 business days after that period’s end. Payment is made to the Vendor Via bank transfers, Cheque or Cash.

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